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Press on Nails


Important note for our 2 hours press on nails activity. 
Kindly ensure that you have booked for 2 consecutive hours per pax ($40/pax).
Each booking on our website is only for 1 hour by default.

Price Breakdown (per pax)
★Studio fee only

2 hour session: $68/pax (kindly book for 2 consecutive hours per pax)
★You can make unlimited number of sets during your session! 

Already paid booking deposit of $40/pax? You simply need to top up $28/pax at the end of your session! 

What's included
★ Usage of all the materials we have! 
★ Includes charms, nail stickers, gel polishes, tools etc. 

Additional information
Quick briefing is included in your session duration. 
★Duration includes time required to choose your nail shape, sizes and picking out materials. 
★This is a self-guided session, only basic instructions on how to make your press ons will be provided.
Doing research on certain design techniques before your session is encouraged, staff will not be providing tutorials on techniques. 
★You are encouraged to prepare your design inspirations before your session. 
★You may make as many sets you want as long as you complete them within the session.

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