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  • Are your earring hooks hypoallergenic?
    Alloy based hooks are used by default! Add ons for S925 as well as plastic hooks are available at the top of the shop page.
  • Can I change the keyring colour of my keychain?
    Unfortunately not, sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Can I change my keychain into earrings vice versa?
    You can have your keychains switched into earrings but not the other way round! Simply leave a note at checkout :) Alloy earring hooks will be used by default, do opt for S925/ plastic hooks/ clip ons if necessary. * You have to purchase two keychains if you want a pair of earrings haha Do note that some keychains might be too big to be suitable as earrings,but of course it's your personal preference so do make sure that you check out the relevant dimensions or email me if you need any advice!
  • Do you have clip-ons?
    Yes! Kindly add them into your cart, it is available at the top of the shop all page together with other add on listings.
  • Where is the self-collection point?
    Somewhere near CCK MRT, the exact address will be given after an order is placed.
  • Can I pay for my order only when I come to self- collect?
    Unfortunately not, you have to make full payment first to place an order.
  • How does self-collection go?
    1. Orders will be placed at a designated area outside of my house. 2. They will be placed in a box, labelled with your names and your order number. 3. Processing time is the same as if you were to opt for delivery, I do not prioritise packing self-collection orders over delivery. 4. You will get an email indicating that the order is ready for pick up when I have packed your order. 5. You can come down anytime and any day you like, just remember to come down because I do not send any reminders. 6. There is CCTV so make sure to only take your own order or I’ll hunt you down and tell the police ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
  • Can I reserve items? I can make payment first.
    I don’t allow reservations so everyone has an equal chance of securing an item. If you didn't manage to secure the item you like, feel free to fill up the restock request form in the link provided below.
  • Are items in my cart reserved for a certain amount of time or can an item sell out when it is in my cart?
    Items won’t be on hold when you add it in your cart, so fastest fingers first! Another note, some products do oversell occasionally (when two orders are paid at the exact same time and there is only one product left). The system isn’t strong enough to prevent this. In this case, I will use the order numbers as a reference to decide who will receive the item! (#01 gets item, #02 gets refund)
  • Can I combine my orders?
    International Orders We currently do not offer combination of order for international purchases, do try to place a single order! *Excess shipping fees will not be refunded* Local Orders Kindly indicate under 'notes' during checkout if you had already placed an previous order with us that has not been shipped out yet! You can also email to >> for customer service. We will refund you the excess shipping fees during order fulfilment.
  • How long will it take for my order to ship out?
    It depends on order volume and my packing speed! Generally if you made an order during the launch day itself, orders should be out in 3-5 working days (excludes weekends). But it’s really hard for me to promise you guys an exact timeframe because I work alone and so please order only if you can wait! There’s no packing team haha it's just me please have mercy if I don’t send out your parcels super quickly ><
  • Will you send shipping confirmation emails once the parcel has been shipped?
    Shipping confirmation emails will be sent, but!! For untracked mail (domestic/ international) Shipping confirmation email sent once I have sealed the parcel and it is ready for drop off. If a shipping confirmation email was sent at night then the parcel will be dropped off the next day. If it was sent in the morning then it will be dropped off on the day itself. * Do take note that there might be a time difference if we are based in two different countries. So just take it as the parcels are dropped off within the next 12 hours after emails are sent out :) Tracked domestic mail Same as above! Tracked international mail Emails are sent when tracking slips are purchased and updated in the system. But the tracking number will only be updated in 1-3 days time! Please don’t panic if the tracking number is not available in the system yet.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my parcel once it has been shipped out?
    Local orders Normal Mailing (untracked) Should reach you in 7 days, occasionally takes over a week (experienced 10 days before) Really depends on Singpost but let me know via email if its been a week and you still have not received the parcel so I can look out for returns Smartpac (tracked shipping, faster than nm) 2-3 working days International orders Basic shipping (untracked) Registered shipping (tracked) Both options take 4-8 weeks, also subjected to further delays due to the pandemic.
  • What is your refund policy? - Eg if the parcel did not arrive over a month will you provide a refund?
    Untracked shipping No refunds, I will not be liable for lost mail or mistakes made by the postal service. I won’t be doing anything other than to look out for your parcel if it bounces back to me. Return mail: Scenario 1: Correct address indicated, no issues but somehow failed to deliver - redelivery cost absorbed by me! Scenario 2: Wrong address indicated, any other issues such as full letter box etc which caused the failed delivery - customer to pay for shipping again, I will not be providing refunds. - alternatively you can opt for self-collection if you don’t wish to pay for shipping fees again. Tracked shipping - will try to get compensation from the post office/ resend you another package/provide refund excluding shipping fees. - Solution offered will be determined on a case by case basis (Side note: Haven’t experienced any issues with tracked shipping so far after mailing for 5 years so I do recommend tracked shipping if you are able to)
  • Additional information:
    I generally do not allow for any refunds or returns for reasons other than damaged products. Ie. If you decide that you do not like the item after receiving it, I will not be offering any returns. All sales are final. If you received a damaged product do email me so I can come up with a solution! Email:
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