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Figurine Painting


Price Breakdown (per pax)
★Studio fee+ Figure cost
★Studio fee: $20 
★Figure price range: $1- $15

Already paid booking deposit of $20/pax? You simply need to top up for figurine costs at the end of your session. 

What's included
★Unlimited brush and paint usage

Optional takeaway glaze: $1.20 
★Includes 1 tub of glaze varnish and brush 

★Glaze can only be put on by customer after painted surface is fully dried! As such glaze is takeaway only and you can do it 1 day after the session. 

Additional information
Quick briefing is included in your session duration. 
★You may paint as many figurines you can during your session, individual figurine cost will apply. 
★We have 2d, 3d character figurines and trinket trays!
★Design of figurines available during your session may vary as they are subjected to availability. No reservation of designs are allowed. 
★ You may bring home the figurine at the end of the session, dryness of figurine paint layer depends on the thickness of the paint applied by each individual which varies. 

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