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Price Breakdown (per pax)
★Studio fee + product cost
★Studio fee: $20/hr 
★Product cost price range: $0.50-$15

Already paid booking deposit of $20/pax? You simply need to top up for product costs or any add ons at the end of your session. 

Recommended session breakdown
★55 minutes decoration, 5 minutes set aside for drying or packaging time. 
★We recommend setting aside 5-10minutes to dry your product(s) and to package them carefully.
★Heat gun will be provided for this process, the cream takes 3-5 days to dry and harden completely. However, the use of heat gun will allow the outer layer of the decoden cream to be less susceptible to any impacts during your travel home (you will be bringing products home on the day itself). 

What's included
★2 piping cream bags, colour of your choice
★Unlimited basic charm usage 

Additional information
Quick briefing is included in your session duration. 

Session is self-guided! We do not offer workshops at the moment. 
★You may make more than 1 product during your session, individual product cost apply. 

Our piping video demo! 
★Staff won't be doing a physical demo for you during the session.
★You are encouraged to do research on some basic piping techniques and ideas before the session. 

Optional Add ons
★Handmade resin charms charged by weight taken or individual price.
★Acrylic charms at $0.10- $0.40 per piece. 
★Additional/premium cream bag usage at $1.50 /each

Products we offer ($0.50-$15)

★Kindly note that you are strictly not allowed bring your own products for the session. You are expected to decorate only on products purchased from us! 


List of products we have 

★Subjected to availability! No reservation of product is allowed. 

  • Hair clip

  • Toploader

  • Phone grip

  • Acrylic card case

  • Acrylic ID case

  • Pocket mirror

  • Flat spray bottle

  • Heart spray bottle

  • Phone cases (models subjected to availability)

  • Heart contact lenses case

  • Handheld mirror

  • Photo frame

  • Polco box

  • Small heart box

  • Pencil case

  • Big heart box

  • Mini bag

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