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Price Breakdown (per pax)
★Studio fee only
★Studio fee: $28/hr 

Already paid booking deposit of $20/pax? You simply need to top up $8/pax and add ons(if any) at the end of your session. 

Choose to make one of the following options (per pax) 
(A) 2 necklaces
(B) 1 necklace + 2 bracelets
(C) 4 bracelets
(D) 2 phone straps*+ 2 bracelets

*Phone straps are decorative and are not meant to be able to hold phone's weight. 
★Selection is per pax, you may share your option with your partner.
★Do note that each option is simply the maximum number/ type of accessory you may make during your session.
Ability to complete and make all the products in selected option is subjected to each individual! No complimentary time extension will be given. 

What's included
★Unlimited access to all beads we have! 

Material waste fee of $5 will be charged for the below instances
1. If you do not take beads accordingly to our instructions which causes difficulty in sorting leftover materials after the session resulting in wastage (charged per pax). 
2. Each instance whereby bead tray was dropped on the floor requiring clean up. 

Preparation for your session
Kindly read this instructions brief before coming to the session to give yourself more time to make your masterpieces! A physical copy will also be provided during the session. 


Additional information
Quick briefing is included in your 1 hour session. 
★ You are required to complete stringing your product before your time is up, you will not be able to bring home incomplete pieces. 
★Depending on number of accessories pending for assembly and studio schedule, you may be required to wait 30-90minutes* after your session to collect your creations! Staff on shift will advise you on the exact waiting time at the end of the session. Please ensure that you are able to wait after your session ends if you are opting for this activity. 
★Wire string will be used by default for all accessories, we currently do not offer elastic string. 
★Alloy hardware will be used by default for accessories, stainless steel add on available at $1.50/pc. 
★Staff will be assisting with closure and assembly of hardware only. Customer is expected to string their accessory!  
Optional Add ons
★Alloy charms: $0.10-$0.20/pc
★Premium beads: $0.30/pc

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