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Vendor Guide

Shop Location

Queensway Shopping Center 


Kindly note the operating hours and days below, we will not be allowing any drop off, self-set up, self-collection, pick up and restock on days that we are closed to general public. Vendors are expected to know the days we are closed, Planetdays will not be liable if you come to the shop for admin matters on days that we are closed.


Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 1pm- 7pm 

Closed every Monday and 31st of the month.

We will be open every PH unless otherwise indicated before you secure your booking with us. 


Contact us

Instagram: @helloplanetdays



Store Layout

Preparation for your rental

Refer here for all the documents you need to submit after you have joined us as a vendor.

Products policy

  • No offensive or NSFW products are allowed in store. 

  • No free products such as free stickers, free sweets etc as it causes confusion. Namecards or card cards are fine! 

  • No drop-shipped and self-assembled products are allowed. 

    • This is up to our discretion, kindly refrain from bringing items that do not reflect your brand at the time of your application. ​

    • Staff on shift has the right to reject products that are deemed to be unsuitable for the shop. 

  • Inventory Sheet 

    • Template Inventory sheet link: @<ighandle> Inventory Sheet 

    • PLEASE VIEW: sample inventory lists and how to label your products
    • A maximum of 20 product listings are allowed for each creator/slot booking, but for each product you are allowed to bring unlimited quantity as long as it fits your set up.

    • Late fee of $10 will be charged for late submission as admin time is required to register vendor's products into the system. 


Kindly label each product according to the details from the inventory sheet according to this format “brand name- product name- price”, products that are not labelled properly will be rejected during drop off. 


    Example of tag: Planetdays- acrylic earrings- $13 

    PLEASE VIEW: sample inventory lists and how to label your products

  • No storage space for extra stocks will be given for 3 day and weekly vendors, kindly ensure that all your stocks fits your display. 3 day and weekly vendors are not expected to come down for restocks unless encouraged.  

  • Monthly vendors are allowed to have one A4 sized ziplock bag worth of stocks to store at the shop 


FAQ on product listings/ labeling process 

  • For the same type of product with different prices, will this be considered a single product listing? 

    • Example 

      • Necklace A ($10)

      • Necklace B ($15) 

    • The above will be considered as two product listings! Kindly try to have different product names to avoid errors at check out, for instance you can add an alphabet as a form of code behind your product name (Necklace A, B, C etc) 


  • I have sticker sheets of different designs but they are all the same price, will I need to create individual listings for them? 

    • No, you can simply list them as “sticker sheet - $5” and the total quantity of all your sticker sheets accordingly. 

    • You will only need to create a new listing if you wish to have more than one price point for a product. 


Dropping off, self- set up and display

You can (1) self-set up or (2) drop off your products 1- 3 days prior to the rental. 

  • (1) For self set up
    • You can come at 6pm one day* before your rental to self set up OR from 1pm onwards on the day of your rental. 

    • *Kindly exclude days that the shop is closed (Monday and 31st)

  • (2) For drop off, you may drop off 1-3* days from 1-5pm  before your rental.

    • *Kindly exclude days that the shop is closed (Monday and 31st)

    • If you do not have a desired set up, we can help you to set up based on our own judgment.

    • Kindly send us a picture of your desired set up (if any) and we will replicate it to the best of our ability. 

    • Vendors are to bring their own display props, subjected to approval

Picking up/ self collection at the end of your rental

At the end of your rental, you may either opt for (1) self collection or (2) pick up. 

1) Self- collection/ take down your products yourself 

- Only applicable on the last day of your rental (this excludes monday and every 31st of the month)

- You can come anytime on the day from 1pm- 5pm and you are advised to come earlier in case of clashing with other vendors

- The latest time you are expected to reach the shop is 5pm, kindly come earlier especially if you have an intricate set up or you have many products to stock count to allow staff to go home on time. Otherwise, kindly opt for pick up instead. 

- There will be a late fee of $10 if you arrive late or take too long to pack and stock count your products to cause staff on duty to be unable to leave work on time. Staff is authorised to tell vendors to come another day instead of imposing late fee. 


What will happen during self-collection? 

- You will take down your products and count all your remaining stock according to your product list. 

- Once done, head to the counter to verify the leftover quantity with staff. 

- Staff will send you your sales report via email and payment proof will be sent within a week. 

- Kindly acknowledge payment via email. 


(2) Pick up (within a week, during shop opening days only from *1-6pm*) 

- Staff will take down your items on your behalf and put all items into the foldable bag you have provided us.

- The shop officially closes at 7pm, but due to the admin process required, the latest time you can come pick up is 6pm. 

- You are expected to come as early as possible within 8 days due to the lack of storage space in the shop.

 - If your stocks are left uncollected for more than 8 days , kindly note that a holding fee of $25 will be charged and your items may be moved to another location for pick up. 


What will happen during pick up? 

- Staff will hand you your bag with all your stocks. 

- Kindly count all your remaining stock according to your product list, do note that you may be required to do this outside the shop against the glass if the shop is crowded. 

- Once done, head to the counter to verify the leftover quantity with staff. 

- Staff will send you your sales report via email and payment proof will be sent within a week. 

- Kindly acknowledge payment via email. 

  • If you are opting for pick up: 

  • Kindly pass us your products and displays in a single bag that we can keep until the end of your rental. 

    • We will pack your items back into this bag to facilitate the collection process if you are unable to come to take down your set up.  

    • You may wish to bring along sorting materials such as ziplock bags if you want us to keep packing similar products together for you when taking down your set up. 

    • Strictly no bulky bags or luggages are allowed, bags provided must be foldable and flat when empty (Eg. Ikea Frakta carrier bag). 

    • We will be packing your products into paper bags when they are purchased by a customer, kindly ensure that all products are ready to be packed and do not require any extra packaging. 


Summarized preparation list before your rental starts

  1. Fill up the inventory list and send it to us via email ( before the deadline 

  2. Make sure every item is tagged with “your brand - product name- price” 

  3. Make sure that every item does not require extra packaging at the counter. 


Rules on display, products and after sales for vendors

  • Do not use any form of strong adhesive or materials that are hard to remove on our furniture. 

  • Do not use blue tac on our wall. 

  • No hazardous form of setups are allowed, we have the right to alter your setup if we deem it to be unsafe for customers. 

  • Kindly be considerate to your neighboring brands and keep your items within your slot. 

  • Do note that in the case of any after sale issues, customers will be instructed to reach out to the brand of the product they purchased. 

    • We will not be liable for any after sale issues for products that are not produced by Planet Days. 

    • In the case that a customer demands for a refund, Planet Days have the rights to reject them and redirect them to vendors for resolution. 


Sales report and inventory tracking for vendors

  • 3 day/ weekly rental 

    • Vendors will receive a sales report at the end of their rental after they come down to collect their inventory during payment of sales. 

  • Monthly Rental 

    • Monthly vendors will receive a cumulative sales report weekly via email. 

    • Sales report will be sent anytime from Sunday- Tuesday weekly, there is no fixed day. 

Restocks (*monthly vendors only) 

  • You are allowed to only restock maximum of 2 times. 

  • You will be able to restock your products during our operation hours. Kindly inform us via email at least a day before when you wish to head down to restock, vendors are expected to know our opening days and hours as we might not respond to restock notification emails. 

  • Add a new column to your inventory list and input in restock quantity at least 24 hours before heading down. 

    • If you fail to do so, no compensation will be given for difference in quantity within the system at the end of your rental. 

    • Kindly come to the counter before restocking for a quick stock count to update your inventory 

End of rental and payment 

  • Payment of your sales will be made via paynow within a week from collection of stocks. 

  • Payment proof will be sent via email along with sales report. 

  • You can opt to self collect or pick up at the end of the rental (refer to above for details).                                                                                             

Rental Policy 

  • Strictly no refunds will be made for rentals. Do reach out to us if you need to drop off your products earlier or postpone your rental and we will do our best to accommodate. 

  • There is no reimbursement in rental provided for vendors if the shop opens late on a certain day. 

  • There is no reimbursement in rental provided for vendors if the shop has to be closed on a certain day due to unforeseen circumstances. 

  • In case of any incidents that are out of our control (fire,robbery, activation of water sprinkler etc), we will not be liable for any damages and losses.

  • No compensation will be given if any product or packaging are not in their  original condition at the end of the rental. 

  • Allocation of space is done by us with priority given to vendors with longer rental duration.

  • For any gap between sales and remaining inventory, compensation will be up to $50 per rental slot on the condition that there are no issues with your inventory list and restock columns were filled in. 

  • Vendors are expected to check their leftover inventory before leaving the shop after their rental ends, no further compensation will be made once leftover quantity is finalized during collection. 

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