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Clay cutter mystery bags (B grade)

Clay cutter mystery bags (B grade)

PriceFrom $4.00

Note from creator/ designer:

Hello :-) yes, you may use these cutters to make products for sale! My only earnest request is that you refrain from replicating any of my work or style. I hope these cutters can help you to create products that reflects your own style. As a creator, I know the struggle of finding cute shapes or the need to pay higher prices just for customs so I just really wanted to design cute shapes for you guys so we can all have fun!


Product Description:

- No repeat of design within a 4pc bundle 

- Imperfections do not affect cutting edges and its intended usage, for some pieces they might fall under our batches with durablity issues, rest assured that usage will not be affected as long as you do not attempt to break them by pushing the cutting edges in any way. 



For custom designs, fill up the quotation form here.



Cutter will either come in purple or pink based on availablity. 


Product Care:

Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight.

Wipe down with alcohol/sanitizer after use to prevent colour transfer.

While its durable, do avoid pinching on the cutting edge.



There might be some imperfection on the cutter but please rest assure that it will not affect your cuts. We strive to continuously improve and provide better cutters for all of you! 

Please keep away from pets and young children as small parts pose as a choking hazard.

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